Annual Appeal 2022



2022 brought a new year of hope for better times.  We were able to offer Winter Adventure Retreat, Adventure Weekend Retreat and Fall Adventure Retreat for the 1st time since the pandemic closed us all down in early 2021.  During the pandemic, we learned to adjust routines, create new ways to do business and realized the importance of our health.

Like all of you, this year the costs of running our adventure retreats have nearly doubled as well as our administrative and operations costs. Your generosity will help offset these rising costs so we can keep retreats affordable for all women living after breast cancer!

When a woman first hears the words "You have breast cancer", her life is changed forever. Physically, emotionally, spiritually... she discovers how profoundly her mindset has been shifted.

Betty Borry heard those words, felt the fear and frustrations. She also understood the healing power of nature. She found the impact of nature to serve as a refuge to inspire, reflect and heal. Betty knew the powerful effects on the body, mind and spirit and brought groups of women together to share a weekend of adventure, group support and shared understanding of common experiences.

"The retreats stretched me in ways I hadn't thought possible! The love and compassion of each attendee sharing was heaven sent! Finally it was a place I could just be my authentic self with other survivors who understood what I had gone through with breast cancer and feel safe doing it!!"  - DM

You can help change the life of women with breast cancer with your generosity. Your contribution will:

  • Help us reach more women, getting them out to play in nature while connecting with each other.
  • Provide scholarships to help those who otherwise could not attend our breast cancer retreats.
  • Ensure that our program remains strong, empowering women to discover their own strengths as they move forward from surviving to thriving.

We can't do it without you! Please support us in helping women to feel the healing power of nature and celebrate new life as they move from surviving to thriving.


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