With Gratitude

Give Pink   2022

We are thankful to our donors and foundations for their generosity in support of our mission to support, empower and enhance the quality of life for women of all stages of breast cancer through adventure based support opportunities in a retreat environment.

  • Your donation helped us reach more women, getting them out to play in nature while connecting with each other.
  • Your donation provided scholarships to those who otherwise could not attend our Breast Cancer Adventure Retreats.
  • Your contribution assisted our program to remain strong, empowering women to discover their own strengths as they move from surviving to thriving after breast cancer.

With gratitude, you have “changed lives” and “deeply transformed” the lives of women living after breast cancer!


 Celebrates support, hope and healing

  • Jeannette Boss-NH Gives 2022
  • Marge Kamveris-NH Gives 2022
  • Cheryl Gosselin-NH Gives 2022-In Memory of Cheryl Weseman
  • Stepanie Beck-NH Gives 2022
  • Lauren Boss-NH Gives 2022
  • Patricia Nelson-NH Gives 2022-In Honor of Donna Landerman
  • Jennie Halstead-NH Gives 2022
  • Melissa Gerrish-NH Gives 2022
  • Beth Simon-NH Gives 2022
  • Stephanie Davis - NH Gives 2022
  • Beth Parkhurst - NH Gives 2022
  • Cindy Adams-NH Gives 2022
  • MichelleCouture-NH Gives 2022
  • Mal Spurling-NH Gives 2022
  • Patricia Rocca-NH Gives 2022
  • Cynthia Orlandella - In Honor of Cynthia Cote
  • Marilyn Gulla - "Such Good Memories"

 Supports our adventure programming

  • Wendy Cogswell - NH Gives 2022  
  • Cynthia Cote - NH Gives 2022
  • Cindy Skerry - NH Gives 2022-In Honor of Wendy Cogswell
  • Deborah Tranfaglia-NH Gives 2022
  • The NH Charitable Foundation (Thomas W Haas and John F Swope Funds) - NH Gives 2022
  • Durfee Funeral Home
  • Caroline Schneider-In Honor of DHMC Breast Cancer Support Group
  • Heather McKernan-NH Gives 2022
  • David Kelley


 Funds 1 Adventure Weekend or BC Retreat

  • Wendy Cogswell - 25th AWE Anniversary "Adventure Challenges" and Celebration; 

 Supports our scholarship fund

  • My Breast Cancer Support
  • Pledge the Pink Foundation
  • Linda Dierks Memorial Scholarship Fund

 Sustains our retreat programs

  • Foundation Grant - anonymous donor
  • Gwendolyn Elwell Flanagan Foundation
  • Myra Kraft MVP Award/New England Patriots Foundation
  • Johnson Energy
  • Brown's Auto Salvage
  • Laura Tanous-Marshall Memorial Donation


Special thanks to My Breast Cancer Support for their Scholarship Fund donations.

My Breast Cancer Support delivers tangible, practical, and emotional support to breast cancer patients on their individual paths to wellness and healing in the Greater Maine and NH Seacoast area.  The BJBBCR Retreats have been an integral part of many patients’ journey to wellness.  They provide women with the environment to share their experiences and continue on the path to their new normal.  We are proud to have them as part of our resource network.

We thank the GWENDOLYN ELWELL FLANAGAN FOUNDATION for their continued generosity in awarding charitable grants to The Betty J Borry Breast Cancer Retreats in support of our mission and the healing power of nature.

In appreciation of the generous grant from the "Pledge the Pink" Foundation

Special thanks for the memorial bequest to establish the "Linda Dierks Memorial Scholarship Fund"