This organization was built by Betty and her small group of volunteers and it continues today as an all volunteer organization.

We welcome BJB alumnae, family and friends to join our family.

Sample Volunteer Opportunities:

  • Skilled outdoor leaders to lead kayak instruction and paddling on flat water. One Saturday in the fall each year.
  • Adventure Weekend helpers: assist kayak guide during paddling session
  • Adventure Weekend and Retreat guides and helpers. Needs vary by season.
  • Administrative help with annual appeal and other mailings.
  • Facebook and other social media administrator to keep alumnae engaged and get the word out about BJB efforts
  • Board members: individuals interested in helping us continue our mission. Includes one annual meeting. Other business is conducted by e-mail and face to face as needed.
  • Ambassadors: by phone, Facebook, e-mail and your contacts-- help us get the word out to women with breast cancer that we are here for them. Distribute our brochures to breast cancer support groups and individuals.

Contact us for more information.