To Everything There Is a Season

The Board of Directors of the Betty J Borry Breast Cancer Retreats announce the retirement of Cynthia Cote, Co-founder, Past President and Executive Director effective December 31, 2020. She will remain as Acting Executive Director through February 2021 while the BOD seeks a successor.

Cynthia’s passion for the mission of Betty J Borry Breast Cancer Retreats has shown each of us the ability “to support, empower and enhance the quality of life” for all women attending our retreats. She has brought heart, hope and support to many women. We wish her the best in her retirement.

“It has been an honor and privilege to be involved with Adventure Weekend and the Betty J Borry Breast Cancer Retreats for the past 25 years. This has been a personal and professional culmination of my lifework to create an opportunity for women of all ages and stages of breast cancer to connect with other women who share the same journey, to find understanding, support and empowerment, to challenge themselves physically and emotionally through adventure-based activities/the healing power of nature and to move from surviving to thriving.
The spirit and mission of BJBBCR will live on in “a season and a time to every purpose under heaven”.”