About Adventure Weekend

For women of all ages and stages of breast cancer

Adapt and prevail!

When a woman first hears the words " You have breast cancer" her life is changed forever. Physically, emotionally, spiritually…she discovers how profoundly her outlook has been altered. When Betty Borry heard those words, she too felt fear, the frustrations of questions without answers, physical loss and alienation. Betty wanted to help herself and others with breast cancer to understand and move beyond these feelings. Knowing that traditional support group settings were not for her, Betty had a vision.                    

I came

I saw 

I listened

I shared

I supported

I received

I conquered

The Concept 
On the surface the premise is simple: a small group of women with breast cancer- whether in treatment or not, come together at an outdoor camp. They share a weekend of adventure and group support, participating in activities such as ropes courses, team building exercises, kayaking, yoga, snowshoeing and hiking.                                                                                                                                                        

The Reality
What actually takes place, however is a metamorphosis that leaves women more self-empowered, self aware, confident, communicative, trusting of themselves and others, and hopeful about the future.  And they have fun challenging themselves physically and emotionally in ways they never believed possible. Although no one is pushed to participate beyond her own comfort level, most are amazed by their own degree of involvement and achievement. Not to worry all activities take place under the guidance of trained professionals.