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Board Member/Committee Job Description

The mission of the BJBBCR is to support, empower and enhance the quality of life for women of all stages of breast cancer through adventure based support opportunities in a retreat environment.

Vision Statement:

The Betty J. Borry Breast Cancer Retreats is a dynamic, grassroots organization of volunteers dedicated to fostering hope and enhancing the quality of life for breast cancer survivors. Through the facilitation and efforts of the board of directors and local and regional community volunteers, an ongoing schedule of events/activities provide survivors with opportunities to network, to pursue personal growth and empowerment and to foster an attitude of survivorship. The organization is committed to developing the resources necessary to create a successful and stable financial picture via a marketing and fundraising plan that relies on securing diversified resources.




Betty J. Borry Breast Cancer Retreats’ Board of Directors is responsible for defining and upholding the organization’s mission, vision and values, and for providing overall leadership and strategic direction to the organization. In addition to setting policies and maintaining the nonprofit’s overall direction, the board establishes priorities, crafts strategies and ensures that plans and programs are implemented. Board members are also involved in Betty J. Borry Breast Cancer Retreats’ fundraising efforts, spreading the word about our good work and using their connections to gain access to potential donors, actively participating in fundraising campaigns and making their own personal donations.




  • Ensure that Betty J. Borry Breast Cancer Retreats is run in an ethical and legal manner, and implement good governance practices that establish accountability

  • Support, provide direction to, and work with the Executive Director to create a strategic direction for Betty J. Borry Breast Cancer Retreats and to set short and long term goals and policies

  • Assure that management continuity is properly provided

  • Approve appropriate compensation and benefit policies and practices

  • Annually evaluate the performance of the Executive Director

  • Annually review and evaluate the performance of the Board of Directors and take steps to improve its performance


Board Participation

  • Attend at least 80% of board meetings and board activities

  • Actively participate on at least one committee


Community Outreach

  • When with an appropriate audience (e.g., potential donors), Betty J. Borry Breast Cancer Retreats should be at the top of your list when talking about your community involvement at a social event, networking event, etc.


Fund Development

  • Make a personal financial contribution to the organization

  • Identify potential funding sources and serve as an ambassador in securing organizational funding


Financial Oversight

  • Set and approve the annual budget

  • Review and understand financial statements as they are submitted to the board

  • Stay familiar with the organization’s by-laws and operations procedures

  • Sign a conflict of interest statement and disclose all potential conflicts in advance

  • Serve as a member of the board in a manner that promotes the best interests of the organization



Committees help maximize the board’s productivity by matching members with particular expertise to appropriate areas. They allow members to engage with issues more deeply and consistently than the board could as a whole. Committees can research and break down complex issues and present their findings to the board, which can then move forward to making decisions.

  • Executive Committee: Comprised of the board officers, the committee oversees operations of the board; acts on behalf of the board during on-demand activities that occur between meetings and performs evaluation of the executive director. Responsible for retreat planning, board training, committee development. Prepares priorities for board composition, meets with prospective board members and recommends candidates to the board. Recommends a slate of officers to the board and conducts orientation sessions for new board members.

  • Board Development Committee: Ensures effective board processes, structures and roles, including recruitment and board evaluation.

  • Finance Committee: Oversees development of the budget; ensures accurate tracking/monitoring/accountability for funds; ensures adequate financial controls; recommends financial guidelines to the board and oversees short and long term investments.

  • Marketing/Public Relations Committee: Oversees public relations of organization through press releases and media contacts, etc. Responsible for marketing organization at various charitable events.

  • Fundraising/Development Committee: Oversees development and organization of organization’s fundraising plan; identifies and solicits funds from external sources of support, responsible for all board members in fundraising.

  • Programming Committee: Oversees development and implementation of adventure based support opportunities in a retreat environment; provides adventure-based retreats in the NE area.


Time Commitment:

  • Each director is asked to commit to one three-year term. Directors may serve up to two consecutive terms.

  • The full board meets approximately 12 times per year. Meetings are generally on Monday nights from 5:30-7:30p.m. via telephone conference call/Zoom meeting. Annual board meeting is a face-to-face meeting.

  • Each director is expected to serve on at least one committee, which will work in between board meetings.

  • On average, each board member spends 4-5 hours per month supporting Betty J. Borry Breast Cancer Retreats.


The Selection Process

  • Interested candidates should submit a completed Board of Directors Application  Board Member Application.

  • Top candidates will be interviewed by the Executive Director and Board Development Committee members.

  • Nominations will be made to the Board of Directors for election at the Annual meeting. Candidates will be notified of the result immediately following this process.